Are Your Severance Agreements Providing Sufficient Protection Against Employee Disputes?

Severance agreements put a lid on legal liabilities arising from an employee’s termination. They are like an insurance policy from future costly, time-consuming defense litigation. A severance agreement is often used to transition away from an unsatisfactory worker.

Severance Agreements Are An Opportunity For Clarity

Severance agreements are not mandated by law. But many laws pertain to how they are written, what they offer and under what terms. Older workers (those over 40), for instance, must be given 21 days (sometimes 45 days) to evaluate the severance package that has been offered and seven days to change one’s mind after signing. Employer’s failure to provide the employee with these evaluation times may subject the employer to age discrimination claims.

Employer Defense In Termination Litigation

Attorney Gordon L. Osaka has the education, training and real experience to advise employers in severance matters. He has helped scores of companies to manage the considerable risk associated with layoffs and terminations. He makes it his practice to seek the optimal, most affordable resolution of your termination problems. You owe it to your bottom line to address these issues before they cost serious money.

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