Legal Assistance With Reduction In Force Documents And Procedures

Employers needing a reduction in force have typically exhausted all other options. They must now make the difficult decision to cut staff. In these difficult times, employers must be mindful of the possibility of employees bringing civil lawsuits in response to their termination.

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Avoid Discrimination Claims

Employees can easily misinterpret a reduction in force as a pretext for unjust or illegal termination. Most commonly, employees view layoffs as a form of latent discrimination:

  • Age discrimination: Older employees may interpret staff cuts as a way to make room for younger employees. However, they sometimes fail to realize that younger employees are also cut for budget purposes.
  • Race discrimination: A reduction in force may result in adverse actions from people of color, especially if the employer is small and does not have much racial diversity. We can protect you against accusations of racial discrimination.

With more than 40 years of experience representing employers in Portland, throughout Oregon and across the United States, attorney Gordon L. Osaka understands the actions that can lead to false allegations and potential lawsuits. He knows how to avert these allegations and successfully defend lawsuits if necessary.

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