Nondisclosure Agreements Protect Your Most Important Corporate Assets And Information

There are several types of nondisclosure agreements, but they all list materials, knowledge and information that must be kept confidential in a business or employment relationship. It is a promise to keep company secrets, and not to share them with any other employee, competitors, customers, or the general public.

Many employment agreements, drawn up at the beginning of employment, contain language restricting employees’ use and dissemination of confidential employer information. Employees are expected to keep all significant information to themselves. This may include software code, financial information, process information, customer information, HR information, training materials, employee salary and compensation, customer lists, business strategy, marketing plans, job bids and estimates, pricing, costs, margins — anything that is proprietary and valuable to the employer.

A proper nondisclosure agreement should be drafted to address each employer’s situation, including definitions of the information that is to be kept confidential, any specific exclusions from that list, what the obligations of the signing employee are and how long the agreement will remain in effect. It should also state what the employer will do in the event of violation of the agreement.

Employer Defense In Disclosure Of Confidential Events

Gordon L. Osaka, P.C., has more than 40 years of experience “threading the needle” of employee expectations. We know how to craft agreements that employees can understand, underscoring the importance of this agreement to the employer, and the consequences of breaking the agreement. Most agreements state the intention to seek ex parte injunctive relief (a restraining order) in the event of a violation.

When violations occur, we stand ready to litigate these cases vigorously, knowing what is at stake for your business. From going to court for a temporary restraining order to a preliminary injunction restraining your former employee from using your confidential information to the full-blown jury trial for money damages, we stand ready to represent employers and management.

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