Experienced Legal Guidance In Drafting Complex Employment Contracts

A thorough and mutually satisfactory employment contract can mean the difference between a positive employer-employee relationship and one set up for legal disputes.

At the law firm of Gordon L. Osaka, P.C., we have more than 40 years of experience drafting and enforcing employment contracts for employers in Oregon, and across the United States. Our primary objective is to help the employer avoid potential legal disputes and maintain strong employer-employee relations. Contact us today to learn how we can help protect your business.

Our commitment to the four P’s: Our law firm is designed to deliver personal attention from an experienced attorney in a punctual manner at a fair price. Ultimately, our goal is to provide a superior product.

Drafting And Enforcing Employment Contracts

Employment contracts are designed to protect the interests of all parties, as well as establish guidelines for the working relationship. It is of vital importance that your contract be drafted by an attorney who understands your business needs and knows how to avoid potential legal conflicts. A well-written contract will:

  • Include provisions that prohibit the employee from soliciting clients and your employees ( noncompete agreements) and from disclosing trade secrets
  • Keep terms clear, concise and readily enforceable
  • Base the terms in reality rather than theory

Our law firm can effectively draft employment contracts on your behalf. As a skilled trial lawyer, Gordon L. Osaka has represented many employers in contract dispute cases. Accordingly, he knows what issues can present legal problems and what steps to take in order to make a contract enforceable in court.

Our law firm also represents employers involved in contract disputes, including those stemming from a breach of contract or a breach of a covenant not to compete. No matter the situation, we will serve as the employer’s dedicated legal advocate, aggressively pursuing positive results either in negotiation or in the courtroom.

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