Effective Employee Training Starts With Clear And Legally Sound Documents

An ounce of prevention can help prevent wasteful, financially draining litigation. Nowhere is this so true as in the information you provide to employees about their rights and responsibilities.

Attorney Gordon L. Osaka is available to evaluate your training programs, employee handbooks, and policies and procedures to recommend changes where clarification is needed, identify areas where compliance issues are most likely to arise, and draft new documents when necessary.

Your employee training, including employee handbooks and stated policies and procedures, are the roadmap you will use in dealing with any infractions or performance issues. If there is variance between what your company says in its training materials and the law and how you behave in real life, your ability to take action to resolve issues of discipline and conduct will be severely compromised.

Areas we review include:

  • Your company’s mission and history
  • Work hours and attendance, including hours for full-time and part-time employees and overtime policies and procedures
  • Pay issues, including how salaries are set and how bonuses and raises are decided
  • The meaning of at-will employment
  • Compensation issues, including when are bonuses or commissions earned
  • Paid leave policies, including the city of Portland, and Oregon’s sick leave ordinance
  • Employee benefits
  • Alcohol and addiction issues
  • What constitutes harassment, describing prohibited behavior and what actions employees should take
  • Termination, describing what actions can lead to termination
  • Discipline policy
  • Safety issues
  • Company policy on the use of company and personal email, telephones, computers on company time
  • How the company will handle conduct and situations that are not spelled out in employee materials

The problem most companies have is that their training materials and handbooks describe ideal situations, but the company is managed and run more informally. We can advise employer and management on how to bring these disparate realities into alignment, better protecting your company’s interests.

Let Us Review Your Workplace Training Documents And Procedures

Employment law attorney Gordon L. Osaka of Portland is available to businesses across Oregon. Talk to him about your employee training materials, and how they can be tightened and more fully explained. Write to us using the email form — or call us at 503-644-3266.