Employee Discipline Requires Careful Adherence To Legal Guidelines

We Defend Companies In Employment Discipline Disputes

Employers faced with an underperforming worker or an employee who has violated a company policy may discipline that person, but it must be done in an appropriate manner to avoid defending time-consuming and costly litigation. Appropriate discipline includes progressive discipline:

  • Verbal reprimand
  • Written warning
  • Termination

Appropriate employer discipline not only includes informing the employee about the specific concern as soon as possible, but also coaching the employee on how to correct the problem.

Guiding Oregon Businesses In Discipline Matters

Employers in Oregon and national employers with an Oregon presence need to know the rules and regulations that Oregon has in place relating to employee discipline. We help businesses in Greater Portland and throughout the state correct any inconsistencies or obvious inequities.

Employer defense lawyer Gordon L. Osaka has the skills and experience to:

  • Review your current materials and identify vulnerabilities
  • Analyze methods used by employers and management for unfair or inconsistent practices
  • Counsel employers and management on how to handle specific, challenging cases
  • Attend disciplinary hearings and make recommendations in real time
  • Defend lawsuits made by disgruntled workers

Protect Your Interests Before Problems Arise

The smart step is to prevent discipline disputes before they occur. For assistance with proper employee disciplinary or termination procedures, contact attorney Gordon L. Osaka at 503-644-3266 or use this email form to schedule a consultation.