Wage Claims

Two former employees filed a wage claim with BOLI. We calculated possible wages owing and negotiated a settlement agreement with the two former employees prior to BOLI making a finding.

Individual filed civil lawsuit, claiming wages due as an employee. Case settled after deposition of individual and Employer filing summary judgment.

A long-term residential manager at an apartment complex sued the owner for several years of back wages and overtime, even though he was engaged as an independent contractor. Case settled after depositions were taken.

Demand for wages by three former employees. Negotiated a lower settlement for the employer by establishing days off, the length of breaks, and the limited application of penalties.

Former employee paid a daily rate made claim for unpaid wages, overtime, and violation of minimum wage. Employee voluntarily quit her job two days after attempting to stab co-worker with a knife. Case settled quickly.

Employee filed civil lawsuit, claiming commissions due from Employer. Question was, when commissions were earned? Case settled. We then drafted Employer internal systems and control policy clarifying when commissions were earned.