Sexual Harassment Cases

After BOLI dismissed the claims of two female employees for lack of evidence, the employees sued. Over time, details of the plaintiffs’ stories changed, and the employer was vindicated of alleged sexual harassment after a jury trial.

Alleged sexual harassment focused on male co-worker admonishing Plaintiff not to smoke in smoke-free lunchroom by poking her in sternum. The case settled before the trial ended.

Male supervisor alleged that he was terminated because he complained of sexual harassment of women. The case settled before trial.

Plaintiff alleged sexual harassment by male supervisor. Employer had previously taken prompt and appropriate remedial action, and the case settled quickly.

Woman hired at male-dominated workplace alleged sexual harassment with resulting psychological damage. At trial, after direct examination of woman’s treating psychologist, defense counsel reviewed psychologist’s file that included an additional standardized psychometric test, which was withheld during discovery and deposition, and which raised the probability that woman’s psychological damage was caused by pre-existing alcohol abuse. Employer’s Motion for Mistrial granted.

Plaintiff alleged that Japanese supervisor subjected her to hostile work environment by yelling at her during course of group meeting which yelling, Plaintiff alleged, would not have occurred but for the fact that all Japanese men feel that women are subservient to men. The case was dismissed.

A young female employee alleged the president of the company, who was based a few hundred miles away from plaintiff, was sexually harassing her with gifts and comments. However, plaintiff’s telephone records showed lengthy telephone calls initiated by plaintiff after her alleged rejection, suggesting that alleged harassment may not have been unwelcome. The case settled.

Female plaintiff alleged sexual harassment by gay male supervisor. Case settled.

Woman employee in male-dominated industry alleged gender harassment and termination. Employer’s decision to terminate was made before alleged harassment occurred, and the case settled.

Male supervisor and married female subordinate have sex outside of work while the female subordinate is intoxicated, and under advice of counsel, the employer investigated and took prompt and appropriate remedial action. No claim was made.

Female employee alleged to Oregon BOLI that male employer sexually harassed her and fired her when she refused him. Defense based on co-worker testimony and cellphone records, and the complaint was dismissed for lack of evidence.