Disability Discrimination Cases

Mr. Osaka

Seasonal employee alleged that she was not invited back to seasonal job because of carpal tunnel syndrome that prevented her from doing essential functions of job. Case settled.

Plaintiff, a part-time employee because of medical condition, alleged that termination due to disability and not because employer needed full-time employee. Case settled via offer of judgment.

Temporary knee injury does not a disability make. After the judge ordered the parties to a settlement conference, the case was dismissed.

Diabetic truck driver alleged disability discrimination after termination for failure to obtain a valid commercial driver’s license. Defense filed a Motion to Dismiss as sanction for plaintiff perjury during a deposition, along with a Motion for Summary Judgment. Summary Judgment for defendant was granted.

Plaintiff, suffering from medical condition, alleged demotions due to disability and asked for damages related to emotional distress. Defendant obtained evidence from plaintiff’s medical records indicating that emotional distress was a symptom of the prior and unrelated serious medical condition, and the case settled.

An employee with a health condition was laid off by employer due to business reasons, then alleged failure to accommodate, failure to engage in interactive process, and termination due to health. The case settled.