Experienced Legal Counsel For Companies Facing Whistleblower Litigation

Oregon law prohibits private Oregon employers from discharging, demoting, suspending, or in any manner discriminating or retaliating against an employee with regard to promotion, compensation or other terms, conditions or privileges of employment for the reason that the employee has in good faith reported information that the employee believes is evidence of a violation of a state or federal law, rule or regulation.

Whistleblowing claims can be very damaging to a company’s reputation, resources and day-to-day operations. For these reasons a well-reasoned strategy and course of action are the foundation for a good result, with vigorous jury trial defense as a last resort. Trials, like surgery, is a last resort, only after all other resolution options have been exhausted.

Whistleblower cases may include claims of fraud or misinformation, financial irregularities, insider trading or illegal dumping. Most cases arise because a disgruntled employee reports the company for noncompliance to state or federal regulations.

There are authentic cases of whistleblowers experiencing retaliation at the hands of employers or former employers. But there are also many cases of individuals calling themselves whistleblowers when in fact they have very different agendas. Employees who have been let go, demoted or denied a raise or promotion for performance or conduct reasons can easily file a complaint alleging company misdeeds. They can even do so by website.

When Whistleblower Charges Are False

Employer defense lawyer Gordon L. Osaka defends employers in these cases, in which whistleblowing, or reporting fraud or other offenses by a business, is really a distraction from the actual facts of a case. We also counsel companies in advance of any litigation on how to protect themselves against these damaging accusations.

Whether your business wishes to take precautions against future whistleblower charges, or if you are currently facing retaliation charges, retaliation attorney Gordon L. Osaka is available to assist your company.

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