Portland Retaliation Defense Attorney

Claims of civil rights discrimination, sexual harassment and whistleblowing, to name but a few, traditionally include claims of retaliation.

A worker filing an EEOC or BOLI administrative complaint alleging employer and management retaliated against him when he filed the administrative complaint. The worker makes a wage claim, then alleging employer and management retaliated against him for making the wage claim. A worker filing a workers’ compensation claim, then alleging retaliation for making the claim. Sound familiar?

Gordon L. Osaka, P.C., works to protect companies against retaliation cases two ways: through counseling and training to prevent or minimize charges of retaliation, and through vigorous litigation when charges are filed. We have enjoyed success in both areas of this process.

Employer Defense Against Retaliation Charges

Retaliation may take the form of discipline, dismissal, demotion or creating a climate hostile to the employee. While many retaliation charges have merit, many can be shown to be unfounded. An astute retaliation defense lawyer can tell the two apart. It is important to do so, firmly and effectively, to conserve company resources and to discourage future distractions.

It is important in retaliation cases to act swiftly to respond to claims. The earlier your business moves to acknowledge the claim made against it, the better your chances of effective defense.

Our firm also consults on preventing whistleblower claims, and litigates whistleblower claims that are filed.

Employer retaliation law attorney Gordon L. Osaka of Portland is available to all Oregon businesses interested in preventing losses through improper claims of retaliation. Call 503-644-3266 or use our online contact form to schedule a meeting.